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"I have been training with Marty for over 5 years now and have seen huge improvement in both my skills and vision on the ice. Marty has helped me a lot in improving my fundamental skills and then putting them in difficult game situations. Marty is a very good teacher who knows how to combine hard work and having fun all in one session. 

I definitely recommend training with him if you want to improve any part of your game." 

Spencer Gallant

Deerfield School



"I've been fortunate enough to work with ML hockey during the off season of my pro career. Marty always pushed me to new limits and created and environment where I could sharpen my skill set that translated to success in game situations. He regularly got me out of my comfort zone and i always left the rink knowing i got better that day."

Kyle Hardy

Brûleurs de Loups

Ligue Magnus , France


"I met Marty back in 2017 while he was coaching my school team. That year, I got the chance to bond with him as a coach and as a friend. Since then i've been to many of his group and private sessions I love how he focuses on technical corrections that resemble game-like situations. I plan to continue my on ice development with him as i reach new levels."

Nicolas Gingras

Cornwall Colts



"I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel all around North America to represent different teams thus far in my career, including a scholarship to Bishops prep school in eastern Quebec. I've been working with ML Hockey for many years now which has helped me a lot in developing my game. I look forward to continuing working with them as I move on to my future hockey goals."  

Brandon Sacchetti

Fort Mac, Oil Barons



"ML Hockey Development is a great program that helped get me prepared for prep school hockey. Marty's coaching style and drills helped bring my game to the next level. He is dedicated to making his athletes better and pushes you to be the best player you can be".

Trey Deere

Salisbury School



"Being able to train with Marty for the past years has really helped me improve all the individual skills I needed in order to perform at the highest level. Marty pays close attention to every single little detail and stays in contact with every student he works with year-round which demonstrates the type of caring person he is."

Kerfalla Toure

Hawkesbury Hawks


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